OSS Program

Are you selling on Amazon, but don’t know how to double your sales?   

             Are you frustrated with increased competition and lower margins?

Do you need help with inventory reports, sales reports, bookkeeping , taxes and knowing what your return on investment is?              


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Do you have a PROVEN SOURCING & SELLING PLAN in place so that you can double or triple your annual sales?

Are you tired of working a full time job while trying to build your online sales in order to have the freedom of earning your own income?

Whether you are:



The Online Seller Success Program (OSS) will help you get clear, laser focus and fast track you to taking the RIGHT ACTIONS to achieve massive growth in your business. photo of me Deirdre will share with you every detail, technique and strategy that she’s learned and successfully used to build her online business starting in October 2011 with money she made on Ebay selling “stuff” from around her house.  She was able to leave her 18 year Public Accounting profession to run her Amazon FBA business full-time in October of 2013, and her annual Amazon sales have grown by 96% in the past year.

Deirdre Harter is an accountant and  successful online seller that coaches a small group of students  to reach their full potential by helping them get clarity and set goals for not only their business, but also their life.  She helps them create a step by step plan to make those goals a reality, and build a solid foundation for long term success in 6 months. She has created a one-of-a-kind holistic coaching program that combines the best of all programs – private coaching, group training, live Q&A call-ins, private facebook group to ask questions, encouragement & accountability checks; financial tracking systems, organizational systems, resource materials, and much more.


She has designed this program based on nearly two decades of consulting with businesses of every kind and helping them to implement growth strategies, accounting systems and business plans, and off the same systems she designed and uses to continually grow her own successful business.

This  is by far the most powerful online seller’s coaching program you’ll find that can teach you to double or triple, or quadruple your current income in just 6 months! It’s a hands-on, structured program, specifically tailored for the online seller who is ready to do what it takes to build a TRULY SUCCESSFUL and HIGHLY PROFITABLE business. If that sounds like what you are looking for, please read on. 

Module 1 – ULTIMATE VISION and MINDSET PREP 54f4146649f35dcf088c72d76c7e2db5 In this session, Deirdre will help you define your “vision” for both your business and for yourself.  This first step is not only the most important step, but it is the step that most sellers AREN’T EVEN AWARE THEY SHOULD TAKE.   Getting a clear, focused vision on what you ULTIMATELY WANT to achieve is essential for long-term success. This process is to envision your ideal lifestyle, not just your ideal business. This is where you choose where you want to be 6 months from now and in 3 years from now – then commit to doing what it takes to get there.   The second part of this session helps you position yourself mentally for LEVELING UP.  As you step into your next phase, Deirdre will teach you how to train your brain for NO LIMITS success. During this session, you will learn how to identify and then remove the limiting beliefs, excuses and fears that have been making it difficult or nearly impossible for you to attain the goals and dreams that you are deserving of. You will learn to recognize and remove the self-sabotaging “head talk” that goes on in your subconscious. Once you learn to “reprogram” your subconscious and remove the limiting beliefs (yes…we ALL have them), your actions change and therefore your results change.   Most clients find this session to be the GAME CHANGER for them..they begin to see with total clarity and focus and they begin to TRULY BELIEVE in their own success…and that’s when the business grows faster and easier than ever before.


Module 2 – INCREASE SALES and INCREASE CASH 2c4c4b79c76b7de4033791c4f9305a07 In this session, Deirdre will help you create your own, unique JUMP START plan by helping you fine tune your sourcing strategy and improve your operation efficiency.  She will look at your business model from a top level and pinpoint areas that can be quickly and easily adjusted or implemented to increase your sales and save you time right away.  She will also help you determine where you should be sourcing for the largest and fastest return on your investment.



Module 3 – BUSINESS PLAN d71fbc03fb08b10fd172e247c9c40a89 In this session, Deirdre will help you write your business plan to meet your goals and make your ultimate vision a reality.  To generate consistent cash flow, and continued growth, a well thought out and WRITTEN business plan is not optional…it is required. The more detailed your plan – the more effective and powerful you become. Your business plan is  your FOCUS FACTOR – it is the written strategy that guides your growth by assigning priorities.  If you have no guide, you don’t know what the priorities are.  If you don’t know what the priorities are..you will spend months working hard, going in circles and in the end, you will be frustrated and start to think that “this just isn’t working”. In this business development strategy session, Deirdre will help you select the most effective business model for your goals that will yield the highest profit and personal satisfaction.  You will have the confidence to know what are the most important actions that you can take, and in what order should they be taken.  Each month we will review your results and compare them to your plan – you will always know BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE whether or not you need to adjust something to reach your goals consistently.


Module 4 – KNOW YOUR  NUMBERS c565e698cb7c68da18dab801ac198791 In this session, Deirdre will help you set up an effective financial reporting and recording system.  As a professional accountant, Deirdre has consulted with all types of clients and business owners to set up simple and easily managed reporting systems.  She understands that KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS is one of the MOST CRITICAL SKILLS you need to have in any business, and especially in the e-commerce business. Once she helps you set up your bookkeeping, she will teach you to easily manage cash flow, calculate your return on investment by source and by product line, and know what your bottom line profit is AT ANY GIVEN TIME.  She will demystify “accounting” and “profit and loss reports”, and teach you how to determine EXACTLY what you should be sourcing and how much you should be spending to reach your income goals.  This session and training is EXCLUSIVE to this coaching program…You will have an advantage that a majority of the sellers online do not have- you will be able to make SMART and STRATEGIC decisions based on proven profits, with confidence.



In this session, Deirdre will help you implement the 80/20 rule- 20% of your efforts provide 80% of your results.  Together, you will determine how to stay in the “20%” zone to maximize your efficiency.  You will learn to look at “time management” in a whole new way.  Managing energy, rather than time, helps you get the results you want without working ‘against the clock’.  You will learn how to create effective systems to organize your paperwork, your weekly actions, your sourcing and your life.  This session is where the business plan is put into action and you begin to see measurable results on a consistent basis.





Module 6 –  “NO LIMITS”  Long Te21e5265dfb3fcb47f298ba2e3eb9d74frm Growth In this session, you will learn how to build on the solid foundation you have built over the past five months.  You will learn how to systemize your sourcing by using proven methods and how to take those to a larger scale without creating additional work.  Deirdre will help you take the ‘long view’ of your business and set your goals for the next 1 to 5 years.  You will learn the how to create a long term strategic planning and use your 12 month business plan to feed seamlessly into the future success of the business. You will learn how to build a ‘team” of other talented people who can help your business grow.  You will learn how to ‘think like a CEO’ and what activities you should be doing yourself and what you should be outsourcing.  Learn how to leverage the help of others without breaking the bank or having a complicated payroll system.  Deirdre will also explain the different types of legal entities and recommend which one would be most beneficial to you and your business.  You will learn tax strategies, what is important to do at the end of the year for taxes, and annual financial planning so that you can keep more of what you earn, legally.


By the end of the OSS coaching program, you will not only have exponentially grown your business and realized tremendous success, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience that you need to continue to grow and build your business with ‘no limits’ in sight. 

This program includes intermediate to advanced training geared for experienced sellers who want to move to the next level – this program does not provide basic training for new sellers.


You owe it to yourself to receive the encouragement, training and support you need to FINALLY break through to the success you have been working so hard to achieve!

Membership is Limited to Ensure You Receive My Personal Attention

You can join the OSS program at any time – you will receive your first module’s training upon joining and will be able to join the facebook group and

EXCLUSIVE Members Only Resource Center

right away for additional training, support and helpful resources.  

You can start asking questions and getting THE RIGHT answers right away!

 There are two levels of membership:

Elite Small Group Coaching and VIP One on One Coaching

Elite Group Coaching includes:

  • Full 6 month business building modules outlined above – including audio and video training that you can keep and refer to FOREVER-these are delivered by email once per month.
  • Direct access to me in the private facebook group to answer questions along with OSS Alumni members (members that took this training and TRIPLED their business and left their JOBs to be fully self-employed) and VIP guest moderators.
  • Access to forms, written procedures and how-to tutorials for the best tools to use for your business: Evernote, Inventory Lab, Quickbooks, Nozbe, Google Tools, Appeagle and more to make the operations and financial management of your business easier than you ever thought possible.
  • Monthly live group coaching calls with additional training topics and direct access to me to answer your questions (these are recorded..so even if you can’t make the live call..you will have the recording to listen to or watch at your convenience)
  • Additional training and VIP guest members in Facebook to help you learn Adding profitable multi channels to your business, Private Labeling, Wholesale Sourcing, Selling on Amazon International sites and MORE!

Only $97 per month for 6 months**


VIP One on One Coaching  – for those who want the additional accountability and training that one on one coaching provides. With the 1:1 – I work with you personally, as your partner, to help you laser focus on your goals and actions so you can achieve massive results in a short period of time.This program level has proven to COMPLETELY TRANSFORM your business in just a few months

This includes:

  • Two 45 minute private coaching calls* each month with me which include personalized and strategic “next actions” to help you move quickly to your next level *calls are recorded and sent to you in an mp3 format OR in VIDEO format (your choice) so you have access to them FOREVER
  • Direct access to me through email to ask questions in between calls
  • Plus all the group coaching benefits outlined above

Only $227 per month for 6 months**

(limited number of openings available )Get-Started-Button red

What do members have to say about the OSS Program?

“A complete course that will transform your business.  Deirdre holds you accountable which aids in the training and understanding of an immense amount of knowledge from a seasoned professional that wants to see you succeed.  Deirdre is always available to give guidance and the 1 on 1’s are worth the price of the course alone.  The most worthwhile and educational course I have taken to date”.

 Sean Lewis


“I think every seller needs to go through the exercises and coaching program that Deirdre Harter’s OSS program offers. Through OSS, Deirdre makes you find time to concentrate on GROWING your business, and use a logical, planned process to do so. I felt like I was just “flailing around” in my business… I was randomly buying stuff and sending it in without any plan, rhyme or reason, and my  bookkeeping was a mess. I had  no idea on any given day where I was at financially with my business, but Deirdre was the answer to all of that!  Her accounting background and no-nonsense approach helped me learn how to become the CEO/CFO of my company. She can do it for your business, too – it was exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. My business profits increased 2x-4x in just a couple months. Deirdre will help you get focused, organized, and most importantly, profitable!

online seller success– Tara Borck Anchor


“It’s amazing how much I have learned and grown in just 4 months with the OSS program. I was committed to growing my Amazon business and making it into a full time income, but I wasn’t  quite sure of exactly what I needed to do to achieve this. Since starting the OSS program, my sales have quadrupled and I know exactly what my profit is on a daily basis. I have a vision for my business and my life, and now I have a step by step plan of what I need to do to make my vision a reality. The OSS program has been a complete game changer for me. Thank you Deirdre Harter!”

Dec 9-Sales Summary P Carter

pam carter-Pam Carter

“I set what I believed to be an achievable goal of reaching 10K per month in sales within 6 months. My first shipment arrived at Amazon July 13th. I’m excited to report that I have reached 10K in sales in 30 days! Today (November 25, 2014) was also a milestone for me in reaching 25K sales (year to date since July 13th).

Thank you Deirdre for emphasizing how important it is to have a clear vision and read it daily. I don’t always have time to read it but I did record it and most days listen to it at least once sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. I have a very clear vision yet and have not reached all of the goals I have set for myself yet… but every day is an improvement. Today I’m celebrating!”

    marcella hMarcella Hull


“Unlike many marketing coaches, Deirdre Harter is brilliant, Creme de la Creme, I’m so fortune to be part of her program! She keeps me hopping! join her program she’s amazing!!! Thanks for always being so positive!!”

   t cogo Angela Cogo



Have a question?  You can contact me here:

**Paid Membership Subscriptions are for 6 months for the full program, paid through Paypal Subscriptions – you may cancel at any time.

***One Time payment for full program is non-refundable

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